The Impartial Feedback Service (IFS) and the Impartial Assessor Service (IAS) are two HCPA services that sound similar but provide very different services.  To avoid confusion and ensure that we are signposting our customers to the right service here is more information on what the services are:-

Impartial Feedback Service (IFS)

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The Impartial Feedback Service uses surveys to collect information from service users, friends and families, staff and professionals on the quality of a care service.  The information is collected anonymously and comes back directly to HCPA.  The questions are based on the Care Quality Commission Key Lines of Enquiry.  Once collected the data is analysed and the outcome is put into a report for the service manager along with suggested actions.  Care providers are asked to gather feedback on their service quality and the HCPA Impartial Feedback Service provides this anonymously for them with little effort on their part.  Acting on the feedback then shows commitment to improving quality.

The IFS is part of the Business Development Team offer and is one of Mandy’s project.  Please pass any enquiries onto Lucy via  If you would like to know more about IFS then speak to Mandy.


Impartial Assessor Service (IAS) for Care Homes

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The Impartial Assessor team work on behalf of all Hertfordshire Care Homes within the hospitals the Integrated Discharge Teams at Lister, Watford General and Princess Alexandra Hospital to impartially assess new, returning or self-funded care home residents and simplify their transition from the hospital to local Care Homes.

Why we run this service?

  • Speeds up the discharge process for your residents
  • Improves communication between the hospital and the care home thanks to a dedicated point of contact
  • Ensures that the care home is confident that they can provide appropriate care for the resident
  • Care Home staff can spend their time looking after residents rather than making the journey to and from hospital


Please find contact details for each site here. Any questions please speak to Sam Lynch as the manager for the service.