Impartial Feedback Service

Capturing, analysing and acting on impartial feedback is hugely beneficial to your business and an excellent quality evaluation and improvement method to see how your organisation is performing.

The most effective way of gathering feedback and developing an appropriate action plan is via a consistent, measurable and closed-loop process. Our Impartial Feedback Service (IFS) offers just that.

What’s included in the IFS?

    • Part-funded by Hertfordshire County Council
    • Silver members can undergo the IFS free of charge*
    • Evaluation questions aligned directly to the CQC Key Lines of Enquiry
    • 360 degree feedback from staff, service users, family members of service users, and professionals
    • All evaluation forms and pre-paid return envelopes are included
    • User-friendly forms available online or on paper
    • Comprehensive consultation, analysis, report, action plan, review and support
    • The final report is welcomed by CQC, HCC and CCG monitoring officers (shared only at your request)
    • Completion of the IFS (including the action plan) leads to Gold HCPA membership 

*Small postage fees apply for completion of non-electronic surveys

Members cost

Non-members cost

The IFS is available to non-members at full cost. Please call 01707 536020 and speak to a member of the IFS team for more details.

Alternatively, fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

We also had a face to face meeting in order for our report and recommended actions to be explained in detail which I appreciated. I plan to use the service again this year.

We were happy to receive impartial feedback without the hassle of having to make and evaluate the survey. It saved me a lot of time.

The Waterside Centre

We were unsure of how beneficial this survey would be to our company. However we have been seriously impressed with the content and how it relates to a CQC inspection. The guidelines given have been invaluable and have pointed us in the direction of services that we were unaware that we could access beforehand.

We would highly recommend this to all care services as a valuable tool.

Bluebird Care (Welwyn and Hatfield)

The feedback was excellent in that it gave us a picture of how our staff, residents, relatives and other professionals feel about our home. We will take all the points raised on board and work towards improving our service. Autumn Vale