To help gather feedback about your service and to gather vital information on the training needs of your staff, our STAN+ service can offer an in-depth look into how your staffing team feel about their confidence, competence and knowledge within their own training needs and job role plus feedback from your staff on key business areas.

STAN+ provides:

  • A dashboard overview of the feedback
  • A personal dashboard of feedback from individual staff members

Survey questionnaires are electronic and simple to complete. The clear and concise reports will highlight where gaps exist in your companies training needs, and will identify on an individual basis how your staff feel about their ability to perform well in their job role.

The overall dashboard report gives you feedback from your staff team on vital business areas such as:

  • Safeguarding
  • Infection Prevention & Control
  • Medication
  • Health & Safety
  • Staffing Levels

A very useful and enlightening exercise for Management to guide supervisions and training needs analysis.  Would be happy to have this carried out annually and incorporate it into our quality assurance.”


Rufaro Mandipira

Managing Director, Gemini Exclusive Care Ltd

Example reports

Below are some examples of the types of reports you can expect to see on completion of STAN+:

» Example of feedback from Care Staff
» Example of feedback from Senior Staff
» Example of feedback from Management
» Example of a personal self-assessment report

Hertfordshire County Council Monitoring Teams are utilising the STAN+ service as an aide to their monitoring visits and completion will significantly support this process.

The service is free of charge to all organisations who have a contract with Hertfordshire County Council, and all members of HCPA.

If you do not fit the criteria for our free service, our STAN+ is still available to you at a very reasonable rate, from £175.

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