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Reporting an outbreak

To report an outbreak or positive cases please contact your local Health Protection Team:

0300 303 8537, then select option 1

If calling about an ongoing outbreak or the setting has previously contacted HPT for advice, then it would be useful to have the HP zone number reference number to hand.

HPT can also be emailed eastofenglandHPT@ukhsa.gov.uk (for non-patient identifiable information)

Click here for the outbreak action checklist

Please remember to inform the provider hub assistance@hcpa.co.uk and your monitoring officer of cases and outbreaks.

For further health support, please use 999 in emergencies, or 111 for support.

Prioritisation of COVID-19 outbreaks in the UKHSA Health Protection Team - what does this mean?

To ensure health protection services remain safe and effective a layer of prioritisation is being applied to low-level outbreaks of COVID-19 by UKHSA.

What does this mean?

Outbreaks (2  or more cases) should continue to be reported to UKHSA via contact number: 0300 303 8537/ email address: EastofEnglandHPT@ukhsa.gov.uk (please do not include patient identifiable information in an email). We are confident that settings are equipped with the skills to manage the outbreak with established processes and in line with national guidance. You will receive an email response with instructions to contact UKHSA HPT if :

  • Cases are showing severe presentation of illness*
  • Any hospitalisation or death due to respiratory symptoms
  • Operational issues
  • Flu is confirmed
  • Outbreak is not under control but increasing number of cases
  • Any other concern

UKHSA Health Protection Team will only follow up  outbreaks where there are 3 residents or more, especially if  any of the factors mentioned above  are also present

This change will be kept under review during the winter months.

*Both NICE  & NHS England  provide definition of disease severity – Severe presentation of illness may include breathlessness, inability to complete full sentences, respiration rate >30 breaths per minute, reduced oxygen saturation level, new confusion, chills/rigor, difficult to rouse.

Health services in your area (including single point of access)

Reporting an outbreak: Effective 1st April 2023

If you suspect a COVID -19 outbreak in your setting you must notify UKHSA HPT

Email: eastofenglandhpt@ukhsa.gov.uk and copy in HCC Public Health HPT SPOC email: HertsHPT.SPOC@hertfordshire.gov.uk

Click here for the HCC letter on outbreaks of COVID-19 in care settings from April 1st 2023
Click here for the outbreak management process flow chart


If you have a staff member who needs support with stress, anxiety, mental health or bereavement,
please pass on details for the ‘Here For You’ programme which can be found here.

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