Hertfordshire Care Providers Association (HCPA) has launched the StopFalls Campaign, fully funded by Hertfordshire County Council (HCC), with the aim of reducing falls across the county. 

Over the last 20 years, there has been an increase in the number of falls experienced by those aged over 65. Falls can lead to serious issues, and sometimes long-term issues that require increased social and health care needs for a person for the rest of their life. To tackle this issue exercise and other preventative techniques can be implemented to improve an individual’s strength and reduce their likelihood of having a fall, as well as prevention and falls education to improve staff knowledge and strategies.

HCPA will be running numerous initiatives between March 2018-March 2019 to support all providers across Hertfordshire.

This will include themed months with resources and events that we would like providers to get involved in:


April 2018 – Physical Activity

May 2018 – Medication

June 2018 – Falls Assessments

July 2018  Foot-wear & Eyesight

August 2018 – Families & Relatives

September 2018 – Well-being & Engagement

October 2018 – Environments

November 2018 – Technology

December 2018 – Lighting

January 2019 – Equipment

February 2019 – Intervention

March 2019 – Key Impacts

Ref: goldage.com/au/preventing-falls-elderly

The StopFalls Campaign splits into 3 key elements. Click below to learn more: