Falls Prevention

Needs Your Attention

Hertfordshire Care Providers Association (HCPA) has launched the StopFalls Campaign, fully funded by Hertfordshire County Council (HCC), with the aim of reducing falls across the county.

Over the last 20 years, there has been an increase in the number of falls experienced by those aged over 65. Falls can lead to serious issues, and sometimes long-term issues that require increased social and health care needs of a person for the rest of their life. To tackle this issue exercise and other preventative techniques can be implemented to improve an individual’s strength and reduce their likelihood of having a fall, as well as prevention and intervention education to improve staff knowledge and strategies.

HCPA will be running numerous initiatives between March 2018-March 2019 to support all providers across Hertfordshire.


Of people aged 65+ fall each year


Of fractures in the elderly are due to falls

HCPA has themed months planned with resources, tips & events that we would like providers to get involved in.

April– Physical Activity

May– Medication

June– Falls Assessments

July– Foot-wear & Eyesight

August– Families & Relatives

September– Well-being & Engagement

October– Environments

November– Technology

December– Lighting

January 2019– Equipment

February 2019– Intervention

March 2019– Key Impacts

Locals Falls Identification and Management best practice
Resources developed by the local STP (NHS) to support Health and Social care providers in making the best decisions on how to manage falls and identify them early.

» Click here for Proactive Management of a person at risk of Falls in the community
» Click here for Falls risk identification in the community

HCPA’s StopFalls Campaign Update - Fantastic results so far!

With 1 out of 3 people aged 65 years or over falling each year, HCPA decided to launch the StopFalls Campaign with the aim of reducing falls across Hertfordshire. We are now half-way through our year-long StopFalls Campaign and we are thrilled to find it has proven to be extremely popular. Care organisations across the county have been taking part in the campaign by

  • attending the fully-funded educational day
  • becoming Chair Based Exercise tutor
  • downloading the StopFalls Resource Packs for information and guidance  evaluating falls risks using the free-to-download risk assessments
  • downloading the StopFalls Mobile App for Android or using the web-application for IOS


We’ve received some great feedback on the workshops and campaign:

“A very interesting course that will be very helpful. Well explained in an understandable way. Refreshed my knowledge but also gained new ideas. Overall excellent training, very interesting and motivating – with good handouts! Thank you!”

“Fantastic course. I want to do more!”

“Wow! At first, I was shocked by the statistics on the frequency and cost of falls, then I was impressed at the wealth and quality of the information and support provided by the team at HCPA! The falls pack is amazing and potentially life-saving!”

“Very stimulating content and very useful for my role as a team leader. Dan was excellent at his delivery of the course. I would highly recommend!”

There’s still time to get involved! 

Attend one of the fully funded one-day educational workshops

Learn more and book

Reducing Falls Risk Through Exercise

"I have enjoyed the classes - very much so! Andrew is lovely and I have learnt a lot. I can open bottle tops again with my improved strength!"


" I have really noticed a benefit from taking part in the classes, my general mobility has improved - I can keep everything moving!"


"I've really enjoyed doing these exercises. I continue to practice them at home. I have improved my shoulder strength. It's been really good to do it all together as a group - we encourage eachother."


A story to celebrate!
A Care Home in Hertfordshire has been participating in the Chair Based Exercise classes for roughly 13 weeks. The 29th June was their final QTUG assessment and an opportunity to find out if / how the exercises have helped. Supporting evidence below.

One resident approached the instructor to ask for extra tips / exercises on how they could sit up straighter and strengthen their back after an injury. Extremely eager and wanting to continue improving even after the sessions ending.

However, the biggest success stories came from speaking with the Care Home’s Activities Organiser, it became apparent how vital the Chair Based Exercise classes were to the residents. They reported, “as a home, they had seen an improvement in the well-being of the residents taking part as well as the physical health benefits”. It was also reported to them how the resident’s families have seen an improvement in their relatives. It was also noted how some residents were choosing not to use their walking aids as often due to increased confidence.

One resident reported their “excitement for the exercise classes each week” because they have “always enjoyed exercise” their QTUG assessment reflected this. It was then learnt that this particular resident entered the home 1 year ago in March 2017. At this point, the resident was not even weight bearing and isolated themselves in their room. The resident moved to a walker but after the CBE classes they are walking freely with no aid into the home’s garden every day, as well as taking part in the church services and joining the minibus on trips out. This presents a clear improvement in well-being, physical health and confidence – in just a year.

StopFalls has gone digital!

Download our app today for free!

Are you finding the StopFalls resource packs useful?
Do you wish you could easily access what you need whenever and wherever you want to?
Have you downloaded the brand new HCPA StopFalls App?

HCPA have developed a StopFalls mobile application (free to download!) to hold all the useful information of the extremely popular resource packs in a handy application, in your pocket!

The app consists of bite-size information on:

  • Potential causes and risks of falls – How they can be managed or prevented
  • Exercise tips – To help improve strength, balance and confidence
  • Recommended assessments – Such as FRAT, PRISMA and provider self-assessments
  • Intervention advice – What to do when a fall occurs

» Download from Google Play Store for Android

» Visit stopfallsapp.info for IOS

Don’t forget that all of the falls education workshops are fully funded by Herts County Council. Certificates of achievement will be awarded after each one-day falls education workshop.

Want to learn more about the HCPA StopFalls Campaign? Click here

Would you like to book staff onto fully funded one-day falls education workshops to create your very own falls team? Click here

Don’t forget to download the StopFalls App from the Google Play Store or visit www.stopfallsapp.info for IOS devices!

A study shows assessments reduce number of falls by 61% over a one year period.

The number of elderly people attending casualty departments following a repeat fall could be drastically cut if more thorough assessments were carried out, a study has found.


Eight per cent of people aged 70 and over are estimated to visit accident and emergency departments each year suffering fall-related injuries.

Of these, 30-40% are admitted to hospital.

More falls occur in the winter owing to weather conditions. Such falls can cause severe physical and psychological damage, leading to loss of independence or even death.

Research published in The Lancet medical journal suggests that the number of repeat falls could be cut by more than 50% under a new system.

The system tries to identify the reason why the patient fell and correct the cause rather than just treating the resultant injury and sending the patient home.


The study was carried out by Dr Jacqueline Close and colleagues at the Clinical Age Research Unit at King's College, London.

Dr Close said of the second group: "We focused very much on vision, balance, cognition - whether they were confused or had an element of dementia - and drugs."They split patients over the age of 65 who attended after a fall into two groups. One was given standard treatment, the other was given an assessment by a geriatrician followed by a home visit.

She said a usual visit to A&E would consist of being bandaged up and sent home without anyone finding out why the fall occurred in the first place.

At the end of a one-year follow-up period, there was a greater than 61% reduction in the number of falls in the assessed group.

Dr Close said there was an added benefit to the process. "Not only were they less likely to fall. They were physically in better shape at the end of that period.

"They were more independent and that normally translates into better quality of life."


Download your own assessments for free as part of the HCPA StopFalls Campaign - https://buff.ly/2LrgqgU
Read the full study - https://buff.ly/2tvnMZt

Never Too Late To Be Active

Source: Hertfordshire County Council

This year is Hertfordshire’s Year of Physical Activity and Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) is working organisations across the county to encourage older people to become more active.

If your service users are able, why not consider the different ways you can get involved to help service users to increase their physical activity. Your staff may also benefit from this scheme.

It has been proven that physical activity for 30 minutes 5 times a week can:

  • Keep the body strong and promote long-term independence and enjoyment of life
  • Boost energy, confidence and mood
  • Keep the mind sharp
  • Bring social benefits and fun
  • Be broken down into chunks of 10 minutes each day, several times a week

If you’re keen to get involved, and want to know more about the campaign and to help service users and staff to receive vouchers for free local activities just visit www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/nevertoolate


Stop Falls Campaign

HCPA and the Herts-wide Stop Falls Campaign are supporting the Never to Late Campaign. Much of this years Stop Falls Campaign focuses on the importance of exercise for individuals at a variety of levels.

Care Homes staff can come to one of HCPA’s Chair Based Exercise courses to be qualified in delivering this exercise within their home.
» Click here to see all available courses

Homecare providers can link to exercise sessions taking place in the community.
» Click here to express your interest

Look out for further Stop Falls projects throughout the year to support getting friends and relatives involved in exercise!

End Pj Paralysis - 70 Day Challenge

Care providers can play a part – find out how

The #EndPJparalysis Challenge 17th April -26th June 2018

If you had only 1,000 days left to live, would you want to spend them in your pyjamas, or in a hospital?

The End PJ Paralysis Challenge highlights the importance of valuing the small daily activities that can help shorten a person’s stay in hospital by supporting them to get up, get dressed and, where possible, get moving. The aim of the challenge is to encourage and enable those in their senior years to enjoy their life as much as possible.

How can HCPA member services get involved?

We know a few people within residential services and some people who are supported in their own homes remain in their pyjamas during the day out of choice. However, the job of a Social Care Practitioner is to encourage enablement, so what better way to start than by encouraging those who are able to get up and get dressed. This campaign allows us to raise awareness of this within our teams and to remind the people we support the value of getting out of their pj’s every day.

And, it’s not just getting dressed. It’s about getting moving (if within a person’s current capabilities). Too many people are moved out of bed into a chair and then remain sat down all day. This is something all Social Care Practitioners need to consider – help your staff to think about what they can do to help people improve their mobility, such as strengthening exercises.

This year HCPA have launched their StopFalls Campaign covering everything about prevention and intervention of Falls (one of the most common reasons for hospital admission in the elderly) from information and advice, to exercise classes for service users and education for your staff. Why not use this information to change practice, get vital training and even train up your own specialists – visit www.hcpa.info/stopfalls for more information.

Get involved!

Please join us in promoting the NHS ethos around the ‘End Pyjama Paralysis Challenge’ to help support the small changes wherever possible to make a big improvement to the lives of the people you provide care for. By building mobility and engagement into each day you can help avoid preventable, and damaging, hospital stays.

Please get in touch by emailing hello@endpjparalysis.com so they can help you register. Don’t forget to tell us at HCPA how you are getting involved and the outcomes you’re achieving. We can then share this best practice amongst all members.

Visit our webpage to learn how to register for the app and get started and tell us how you’re getting on be emailing stopfalls@hcpa.info.

A number of education programmes have been developed to support a change of practice and cascade knowledge to staff and service users.

We will be running the following courses between January 2018-March 2019:

  • Falls Prevention (1-day course)
  • Falls Intervention (1-day course)
  • Equipment and Technology (1-day course)
  • Advanced and Foundation  Falls Champion Pathways
  • Exercise Qualifications for Staff to Deliver Chair Based Exercises (4-day course)
  • Worktime Learning Facilitators (2-day course)
  • Delivering Training Level 3 Qualification- (3-day course)
  • Physio Support Facilitator Role – (for Advanced Falls Champions)



 Visit the falls education page to learn more…

Exercise Delivery for Service Users

Our direct prevention strategies are in the form of exercise sessions run directly with the service users to help build their strength and reduce their risk of falling. These sessions include:

• Exercise in community sites across the county including flex-care sites and Homecare providers bringing service users from the community with a higher risk of falls for 13 weeks of sessions

• Mobility and balance exercise (OTAGO and Postural Stability) sessions focussed on strengthening muscles and improving balance, which is evidenced-based for Falls prevention.

 Would you like any Chair Based Exercise Delivery in your home? Express an interest here.

A number of useful information sheets, assessments, best practice policies and guidance packs for care providers and care practitioners to support individuals and groups at risk of falls, plus intervention techniques which will help when a fall takes place.
The information will include:

• Self-assessment tools- how is your service doing?
• Simple checklist reminders for staff to do the right thing daily and mitigate risk
• Online tools and applications – to assist staff
• Informative and educational social media posts, emails, flyers and brochures – simple to pick up and aimed at the staff, service users & families
• Online videos to explain techniques and exercises


 Click here to visit the StopFalls download page

HCPA, the local authority and the NHS has developed a number of simple and quick assessments below support providers and staff with early identification of an individual’s falls risk, actions to support the identification, overall self-assessment of service and how it currently manages falls and where improvements are needed and what professionals need to be consulted.

Utilise the below to improve how you assess risk with your individuals and organisation.

If you would like a support visit from HCPA to complete and take actions forward, please email: stopsfalls@hcpa.info


Assessment Description Toolkits
Falls Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) This is a quick and easy tool to assess an individual’s falls risk. This tool can be used for all individuals you think may be at risk of falling and gives guidance on specific areas surrounding the individuals falls risk. FRAT Tool
Falls Efficacy Scale (FES-I) The Falls Efficacy Scale-International (FES-I) is a short, easy to administer tool that measures the level of concern about falling during social and physical activities inside and outside the home whether or not the person actually does the activity.
Provider Self Assessment Self-assessment for falls policies and procedures within a care setting. Prevention Toolkit



Service User Screen Assessment Reviewing medication & understanding precipitating factors
Timed Up and go Determines the falls risk and measures the progress of balance, sitting to standing and walking.
PRISMA Frailty Assessment A 7 item questionnaire to identify frailty in individuals
SBAR Tool The Hertfordshire SBAR tool can be utilised to support your service and staff to assess a situation and contact the right health service.
Falls Checklist This falls checklist is a guideline used by the East of England Ambulance service and is
used as a recommendation on how to best respond to a fall.

The StopFalls App available for Android, Windows and IOS!

HCPA have developed a mobile application to hold all of your key contacts, exercise guides, information, guidance and falls assessments all while you are on the go!

The app is free for download from the Google PlayStore for Android and viewable as a web app for IOS – www.stopfallsapp.info.


 Download Android App  Visit WebApp for IOS

HCPA has launched the StopFalls Campaign for social care staff, fully funded by Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) through the improved better care fund, with the aim of reducing falls across the country.

How can you get involved? 

  • Talk to Health and Social Care providers about the campaign and share the website
  • Encourage care staff to attend education days or inform HCPA of providers you feel may need training or support visits
  • Utilise StopFalls packs in your own training or support visits
  • Request a selection of packs from HCPA
  • Link your own initiatives with the themed months on social media and web-page


View the full partners downloadable summary

What is the Physio Support Facilitator Role?

To undertake the Physiotherapy Support Facilitator Role the facilitator will need to have completed the Advanced Falls or Health Pathways to ensure they have the correct background knowledge.

The aim of the course is to provide care practitioners with enablement skills by implementing physiotherapy techniques and working with physiotherapists, to enhance the health and wellbeing of Service Users.

What will the course cover?

• Understanding the physiotherapy profession and practice
• Understanding the human body and its complexities
• Understanding human movement and the relevant terminology
• Supervising therapeutic treatment and exercise programmes
• Supporting Service Users with mobility
• Understanding posture, alignment and therapeutic positioning
• Understanding gait re-education and training
• Understanding the use of mobility aids and the impact on balance and falls
• Providing physiotherapy support to Service Users within a complex care environment
• Assisting with treatment programmes for Service Users with complex conditions or severely limited movement

The above training would be scheduled over 6 full days: 


Course Date Time

Physio Support Facilitator Role

All dates must be attended

17th January 2019
25th January 2019
15th February 2019
27th February 2019
14th Mach 2019
25th March 2019
10:00 – 16:00


Additionally, the facilitator will receive; workplace assessments, mentoring and assessment in the home, subscription to the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (membership and insurance), a gateway assured qualification and workplace supervision following the course. The whole course is delivered and supervised by an experienced physiotherapist’s who have been working in the social care setting for many years.

Limited spaces available for Health and Falls Champions in Residential and Nursing.  


 Register my interest!

Wow! At first, I was shocked by the statistics on the frequency and cost of falls, then I was impressed at the wealth and quality of the information and support provided by Dan, Jenna and the team at HCPA! The falls pack is amazing and potentially life-saving!

Falls Prevention Attendee

Very stimulating content and very useful for my role as a team leader. Dan was excellent at his delivery of the course. I would highly recommend!

Falls Prevention Attendee, Meadow Care Ltd

The falls training you provided last month has had a positive impact on my home. Staff are more aware and knowledgeable and have been pre-emptive in managing falls. They have been sharing their knowledge with anyone who would listen. My data shows a reduction in falls for the last 2 weeks. My staff are excited and motivated about new training opportunities. Following the 1-day course, two of my staff have been selected and booked to be Champions. So thanks a million for the opportunity and we at Greenacres want you to know that your training saves lives and promotes quality care.

Manager, Greenacres Care Home