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Norovirus Prevention and Informational Guidance

New videos released by Hertfordshire and West Essex STP Two new videos have been released as part of Hertfordshire and West Essex’s Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) to advise people how to cope with the symptoms of the Norovirus; also known as the...

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Safer Places Independent Stalking Advocacy Caseworker

Source: ISAC Service Safer Places is pleased to announce the launch of their new Hertfordshire Stalking Service (ISAC). This funding was obtained from the Ministry of Housing with sponsorship from Hertfordshire County Council and will be an important step to keeping...

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New Guidelines on Supporting Adults with Cerebral Palsy

Source: NICE NICE has recently published a Cerebral palsy in adults guideline, which has several recommendations relevant to social care practitioners including recommendations on support with communication, vocational skills and independent living, electronic...

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Supporting People Growing Older with a Learning Disability

A Quick Guide to Person-Centred Future Planning Source: NICE As people change and grow older, it is important to plan for their future and a person-centred future plan will reflect their changing needs. The NICE quick guide (Linked below) sets out why it is important...

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Hypothermia- Learning from Safety Incidents

Source: CQC The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has published the latest issue in their 'Learning from safety incidents' series. The new issue looks at the risk of hypothermia and how this ca n develop in vulnerable people after a relatively short exposure to cold...

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Being Scam Aware: Taking a Stand Against Scams

Source: Friends Against Scams Scams affect the lives of millions of people across the UK. People who are scammed often experience shame and social isolation as a result.  National Trading Standards Scams Team evidence shows that the average age of a scam victim is 75....

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