Care Providers of Hertfordshire…Join us this Good Care Month

Showcase the #goodcare you and your teams provide day in, day out.  



Why get involved?

Is recruitment a struggle? Do you think people avoid choosing a career in care? Why do you think that is?

Let’s challenge people’s perceptions of what Adult Social Care is all about and help the public to make an informed decision about whether a career is the right choice for them.

Did you know? HCPA’s Herts Good Care Recruitment service supports double the number of people into care roles in Good Care Month than every other month of the year? Now’s the time to use the service!

But, it’s not just about recruitment. This is a perfect opportunity for you to recognise and appreciate your staff by sharing stories and achievements in their career in care.

So, how do we get involved?

Click here to send your videos and photos. We will share them on our social media, so any information you can provide about the individuals involved will help us share these messages and reach more people who may want to work for you!

Please don’t forget to send us your consent to use these photos and videos, whether this is a staff member or a client.

See 4 ways you can get involved:


How is my content used?

By submitting content, your stories will be shared on the Herts Good Care social media platforms.

If you have jobs advertised with Herts Good Care, these will be linked to any postings.

In previous Good Care Month’s, the local press has picked up stories so you may even end up in the newspaper!

We are always looking for new ways to engage people to apply for a job in care, so your content may even be used on banners, merch, and more…

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