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With both an ageing population and individuals of all ages with more complex needs that require additional social care support, there is an increasing requirement to recruit and retain staff in the adult social care sector.

In Hertfordshire alone, we currently need to recruit around 4,000 paid carers each year. The Good Care Campaign is about celebrating the great work you and your staff do each and every day and sharing it via the campaign. It is your chance to engage and inspire the public to consider social care as a great career choice, and recruit more people to work for you.

We are campaigning to raise the profile of the social care sector and to promote the great career opportunities and progression available to those who choose a career in social care.

We campaign by sharing stories, photos and videos of the good care you provide within your services each and every day.

  1. Photos and stories of activities that are happening within your care setting. Whether this is a big event or sharing an achievement for a client or staff member, we want to share what happens day in, day out within all care providers in Hertfordshire. If you are holding an activity or event, please register it with us by clicking here so that we can check in with you before and after to get you ready to submit your story for the Good Care Campaign
  2. Nominate a staff member by clicking here. We are gathering stories for a ‘My Career in Care’ campaign to promote careers. If your staff member is chosen, we will arrange to ‘interview’ them via Zoom or a similar platform about their career in care. Any information we gather, you will be able to use to promote your own organisation too! 
  3. A video message from staff members to tell people about their jobs. A short video snippet can be filmed on their phones as a selfie, or you may choose to film it. A minute maximum will have the biggest impact. Your team member/s will need to introduce their name, job title, who they work for and who they support. Here are some example questions that your staff member could choose to answer in their video snippet:
    • Why did you choose a career in Care?
    • What do you enjoy most about your job?
    • What challenges did you overcome when you started your job in Adult Social Care?
    • What career progression have you had? 
  4. Request a visit from the Good Care gnome to join in with you and your clients in the activities you run throughout Good Care Month! Bugsy MaGNOME will also come with a handy guide so you will have plenty of content to share with us online. Find out more by clicking here.

Click here to send your videos and photos. We will share them on our social media, so any information you can provide about the individuals involved will help us share these messages and reach more people who may want to work for you!

Don’t forget to send us your consent to use these photos and videos, whether this is a staff member or a client

  • This is a chance to recognise your staff for the excellent standards of care and support they provide
  • Show the public what it is like to work in care and help them to make an informed decision about whether a career in care is the right choice for them
  • Boost staff retention and morale by involving your staff in Good Care activities and by nominating them for a Zoom chat about their career in care
  • Any media we share, you can also use to promote your own organisation!
  • Support your own recruitment efforts! Did you know that HCPA’s Herts Good Care Recruitment service supports double the number of people into care roles in Good Care Months than every other month of the year?

We will continue to use your photos and videos to promote careers in care and your organisation even after Good Care Month!

Good Care Month July 2021!

This July we are giving you a helping hand in the form of the Good Care Gnome! As well as everything about under ‘How can we get involved?’ Bugsy MaGNOME, the Good Care gnome could join you in your Good Care Month activities and events.

How can the #GoodCareGnome help us?

You could take pictures of the #GoodCareGnome getting involved in day-to-day activities such as becoming a GastroGnome, helping to prepare meals, getting involved with different activities, or joining in singing or playing musical instruments… As your metroGnome!

We advise that one staff member is in charge of Bugsy, so that they can ensure that he is sanitised and not passed from person-to-person, but appears in photos with people. We will also leave a special sanitiser spray to be used with Bugsy that is safe for you and your clients.

You may want to use Bugsy MaGNOME to help raise awareness of the amazing work your staff do each day. Photos and videos of your staff telling us what they enjoy about their job; why they chose care; and what their advice is to someone considering a career in care will all help promote the care sector and your organisation. What we ask from you is that you share your stories, photos and videos with us via this link! Don’t forget to give consent for us to use the videos and photos via social media by completing this form!

For the chance to have Bugsy MaGNOME visit your care setting:

  1. Register your interest by clicking here and you could be rand-gnome-ly selected to look after the Good Care Gnome for a few days. Do not delay as there is likely to be an astro‑Gnome‑ical demand!
  2. You will be informed of when you will receive it in plenty of time to prepare what activities you would like him to get involved in.
  3. Bugsy MaGNOME will arrive with a guide including the type of activities he would like to get involved in.

Watch this space for a competition for the most original story and photos/videos with your gnome!

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