Who can be a HCPA member?

Anyone who provides adult social care in Hertfordshire can be a member

From Residential and Nursing Homes, Care at Home, Day Services, Nursing Agencies and Hospices to Direct Employers & Supported Living; all are welcome to join HCPA as a member. Membership costs just £60 per site*, annually.

The membership year usually runs from 1st April to 31st March. Apply TODAY to make the most of your membership benefits until 31st March 2023**.

*Price if paid by Direct Debit
**Please note: Benefits are subject to change

Why become a HCPA member?

The majority of Hertfordshire care providers are HCPA members.
By being an HCPA member, you are able to access information, support and advice from a friendly, knowledgeable team in addition to:

HCPA membership is recognised as a quality mark by both HCC and CQC inspectors
Becoming a member will demonstrate to HCC and CQC monitoring officers that your organisation is committed to continually improving your service and the standard of care you provide by actively engaging with the local Social Care Community along with regional and national initiatives.
Bespoke Care Sector Training from HCPA or our network of Approved Training Providers

Training courses and qualifications for all levels of care staff, such as:

  • Care Certificate training and CPD courses
  • Health specific topics, and Leadership Courses
  • Open Courses and Short Qualifications
  • Subject specific information sessions and webinars
  • Access to bespoke Leadership Training including endorsed Skills For Care subjects
Access to a range of services designed to support your business


  • Impartial Assessor (fully-funded) – help speed up hospital discharges with a trusted impartial patient assessment
  • The Skills Training and Needs Analysis – Valuable evaluation to quality assure your staff training requirements
  • Employment of new staff through the Herts Good Care Recruitment service (fully-funded)
  • A range of services from our Trusted Partners, including: discounted products such as protective and safety equipment, care-specific insurance, HR and legal expertise, catering services, creative business video services, consulting, tender writing, car leasing, and many more…
  • Access the Impartial Feedback Service (available post-COVID) – Find out what staff, service users, families and professionals say about your service
  • Utilise toolkits and checklists to help you quality assure your business
  • Manager Coaching and Mentoring including support in a crisis
  • Support line for EU staff relating to Brexit
  • Herts Care Search (fully-funded) – Residential services can promote their facilities and bed availability online (pending confirmation for 2021)
Building Partnerships and Networking
  • Access to a COVID-19 support line
  • Be part of a collective voice for adult social care in Hertfordshire
  • Benefit from our close links to the Hertfordshire Health and Social Care network
  • Join Network Events, forums and virtual information sessions, free of charge, to hear the latest updates and share your views
  • Use the HCPA membership logo on your marketing materials to demonstrate your engagement
  • Attend subject specific webinars on high profile topics
  • Benefit from the Care Professional Standards Academy to help support your staff, improve your staff retention, and promote the invaluable role you play in the sector
  • Access all your staff training in one place through the Care Professional Standards Academy Provider Portal
The Care Professional Standards Academy

Access the Care Professional Standards Academy to help support your staff, improve your staff retention, and promote the invaluable role you play in the sector!

There are 3 levels of HCPA membership:

 Click each header to read more…

Standard for subscribed members who regularly attend networking events, study days, forums,
and training opportunities for their staff.

Silver for subscribed members who, in addition to the Standard membership criteria, have at least one member of staff who engages in Leadership training each year.

Gold for subscribed members who, in addition to the Silver membership criteria, have completed the NEW 2021 Herts Care Partners toolkit and passed the assessment, must have achieved an overall “Good” on PAMMS and not received “Inadequate” in any criteria (if applicable), and must achieve “Good” overall with CQC and not received “Inadequate” in any criteria (if applicable).

Non-regulated services may achieve ‘Community Gold‘ status by meeting all of the applicable criteria above. For regulated services, we will be additionally looking at PAMMS and KLOE in order to award ‘Gold‘ status.

» Click here to view details and criteria on becoming a Gold Member

View our current 2021/2022 Gold Members below…

Care Organisation
NOCatalyst Housing Limited-Russet Drivehttps://www.chg.org.uk/wp-content/themes/chg-2018/assets/img/logo.png
NOCatalyst Housing Limited-Cypress Avenuehttps://www.chg.org.uk/wp-content/themes/chg-2018/assets/img/logo.png
NOB&M Care-The Radley Care Homehttps://www.bmcare.co.uk/resources/BMCare/images/BMCareLogo.png
NOCaremark UK Ltd-Dacorum & St Albanshttps://b.site-cdn.net/a9039add29/288-130-9yk51u.png
NOCaremark UK Ltd-North Herts and Stevenagehttps://b.site-cdn.net/a9039add29/288-130-9yk51u.png
NOCaremark UK Ltd-Hatfield & Welwyn https://b.site-cdn.net/a9039add29/288-130-9yk51u.png
YESDruglink Ltdhttps://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/589aee0aff7c503ff1342d1b/1580309851610-51ETRRAAAH7CSZ78WHRV/New+logo+2020+Facebook+2.png?content-type=image%2Fpng
NOKestrel Grove Nursing Homehttps://www.kestrelgrove.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/kestrel-grove-logo.jpg
NORNJ Care Ltd-Rosslyn Residential Carehttps://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/597a4d346a49635d6dc23dec/1558113469813-AAN0IY6PAJ9QYCB5TI9S/WEBSITE+LOGO+%281%29.png?format=1500w
YESSt George's Nursing Home http://www.stgeorgescare.com/home_logo.png
YESVilla Scalabrini https://www.villascalabrini.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/VS-Logo-sketch-1.png
YESWatford Sheltered Workshop https://watfordworkshop.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/watford-workshop.png
NOAccedo Care-St Georges Househttps://www.hcpa.info/wp-content/uploads/accedo.png
YESNext Steps -Hertfordshire https://www.nextstepsuk.com/wp-content/themes/nextsteps/images/main-logo.png
YESSunnyside Rural Trust sunnyside-logo.png (566×135) (sunnysideruraltrust.org.uk)
YESConstantia Carecropped-Constantia-Care-Vectored-260-x-45-2048x360.png (2048×360) (constantiacare.co.uk)
YESFortis Care
YESHome Instead - St Albanshttps://www.homeinstead.co.uk/_Content/images/main/Logos/HIS-logo.png
Progress your membership status through engagement to Silver & Gold and gain access to a range of exclusive benefits Silver Gold
Members receive a Silver or Gold logo to display on marketing materials
Members gain access to a supervision toolkit and interactive remote training session
Care commissioners will be informed of your organisations improved leadership and transparency

Do you own multiple sites?

If your organisation owns multiple sites, we have an option that might be more suitable for you as you can apply for more sites in one go, rather than filling in one form per site.

Contact us and we will support you to apply for membership over multiple sites. Call us today on 01707 536020 or email membership@hcpa.co.uk

Are you a Direct Employer?

For just £20, individuals who employ their own care staff can have access to:

  • Information and support from a friendly, knowledgeable team with links to the Herts health and social care network
  • A wide range of fully-funded and low-cost training
  • Free distance learning materials
If you are interested in becoming a Direct Employer member with HCPA, please call us on 01707 536020 or email membership@hcpa.co.uk

Not based in Hertfordshire?

If your organisation isn’t based in Hertfordshire, you may only apply for membership with HCPA provided the following two criteria have been met:

  1. An application is made from a neighbouring county such as:
    • Bedfordshire
    • Buckinghamshire
    • Cambridgeshire
    • Essex
    • London
  2. The organisation making the application has at least one site within Hertfordshire

Once both of the above criteria have been met, a site of a care organisation may fill out an application form. Upon successful application, the site of a care organisation can benefit from 25% off training, which is usually funded to standard members.

However, the site of a care organisation making the application will not be eligible for discounts on all commercial training. The benefits of Associate Membership will only be offered on the condition that our Terms are met.

Click here for our most up to date Terms & Conditions.


If you have any questions on membership, please call us on 01707 536020 or email membership@hcpa.co.uk

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