SMILE offer the Otago exercise programme which is designed specifically to prevent falls, delivered by qualified specialists. The programme consists of a set of leg muscle strengthening, balance retraining exercises (progressing in difficulty), and a walking plan.

Each person receives a booklet with instructions for each exercise prescribed and ankle cuff weights (starting at 1kg) to provide resistance for the strengthening exercises.

The sessions are 60 minutes long and run for 8 weeks. Once the course is complete, a follow up visit 2 months after will be offered to assess progress.

Who is Otago exercise suitable for?

  • People who have a fear of falling or feel unstable
  • People with a history of falls (injurious or non-injurious)
  • People with low bone density and / or family history of osteoporotic fracture

Please note: the person must be able to stand unsupported for 30 seconds to fully participate in the class.

Prices: Special introductory rate of £50 per class, £60 per class thereafter.

Contact us via or 01707 536020 for more information or to book the programme.