“Hi Sharon, I wanted to share with you how impressed l was with the Succession & Leadership 7 week course run by Gill Forward. The content of the course is varied and it touched on so many areas of my business and l felt emotional that the help l had needed starting out a Dom care business was revealed to me in a safe trusting environment. I was surrounded by hardworking managers and owners who brought their different expertise from micro to large organisations. I left with a wealth of knowledge and cemented some of my knowledge with solid factual information and references. And made friends knowing l am not alone. All this happened because Gill is stupendous in the way she delivers the course. She captured my attention throughout the seven weeks. And after every session l felt obliged to do something or implement what l had learnt only one thing and did it well. And this paid off because at the end of my seven weeks l had my first CQC inspection. If l had not taken advantage of the information Gill provided and encouraged us to network, my CQC inspection would have gone badly. Also, Gill connected us to Sally Settle who helped us set up our portals for the academy, we were pleased to meet Jodie, Peter and many others who we connect with but never in person. The training room was impressive too with colleagues who couldn’t make it connecting via Zoom so no one missed out. Lastly l want to say thank you for leading such an amazing, supportive organisation and I feel privileged to be a member of HCPA.”

Many thanks and regards,
Babra Masaya
Nyadowa Care

“I am a member of HCPA and recently attended training. I am truly grateful to be part of such an incredible association. Thank you for all that you and your team are doing to support us.”

Tracey Muponda

“You are all doing an amazing job and the support providers in Herts are getting is brilliant. We are getting a lot of positive feedback from the providers we speak with”

Catherine Perkins
Lead Inspector at CQC

“Just wanted to say that Sharon and HCPA have been amazing …. Without sounding condescending I really hope Hertfordshire are acknowledging all you are doing.”

Tracy Brennan
Commissioning Manager

“Thank you for the amazing info on your website, its been a lifesaver so many times already!”

Nicki Smith – NJS Consultancy Services

“How incredible are you!!  I cannot believe how fast you respond and deliver on the things that you promise you will do!!!  An example of this is the notes an hour after the conference has just finished!!

You and your team/colleagues have been so supportive with the all the relevant information to hand that everyone has benefited with care providers directly and people like us on the hub taking the calls.  So a big huge thank you to you and everyone at HCPA covering this agenda.”

Hansa Nariapara
Commissioning Officer

“HCPA is absolutely fantastic – you are many times better than all other care provider’s associations we have membership with and we look forward to your weekly newsletters. We find them really useful and beneficial to us as providers, staff, health professionals and the people we support too. Thank you again!”

Stefka Deneva
Blue River Home Care

“I think you offer a fantastic service, we’ve had some very good quality candidates come through HCPA. The last few weeks especially you’ve responded superbly and helped us with exactly what we need – sourcing new carers.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your hard work in assisting us to get more staff, it’s really very much appreciated.”

Peter Papadopoulos
Recruitment Specialist
Care By Us

“I’ve found the HCPA good care recruitment service really useful because it takes the initial legwork out of the whole recruitment process. Meaning that we can be sent applicants that are suitable for our service. Applicants that are a good fit for our service are hard to come by!”

Gina Edwards
Deputy Manager
The Abbeyfield

“Hi Madi, You are so nice. This is the reasons I like you and Jodie. You are very proactive and caring.”

Aiah Gborie
Splendid Care Solution

“I have contacted the Support Hub on numerous occasions especially at the height of the pandemic. Their support has been invaluable. They have always got back to me very quickly with an answer to any of my queries and never felt that it was problem for me to contact them.”

Kate Omer

“At Newgrange residential care home we have promoted one of our care managers to be Moving and Handling Lead. She has completed train the trainer course. We have both completed the HCPA falls and frailty course. We found this hugely beneficial to help trickle down information to all Of our team. The moving and handling lead does one to one training in house for how to support residents in being more independent in their movements (example from sitting to standing). Techniques learnt at the falls training have been implemented into her one to one work.

In our home we always had movement classes (chair based exercised) two times a week. Since the training we have moved this to three times a week.

We have also wrapped luminous tape around the frames of residents who live with dementia. We have a different colour for each resident to help them recognize their frame and to support them in locating their frame at night time.

These three plans have reduced our number of falls in Newgrange Care Home.”

Newgrange Residential Home

I just wanted to update you – I completed the Data Security Protection Toolkit today … and I completed all the questions!

We have used all the templates to create and update our policies and are also planning a full day of training, solely for Data and Cyber Security, for all of our staff.

I wanted to thank you for your assistance at the beginning of this task, I did struggle, but knowing you were there at the end of the phone helped.

Alison Playle
Adico Care

“I wanted to reach out to you to express my sincere gratitude with all the support that you and your team have given me. I am now more confident and able to put processes and plans in place.  I would not have done it without you and your team. I continue to grow and gain knowledge with all the training and support from your team.”

Teresa Chibanda
Time2Care Barnet

“I’ve called Jodie twice and speaking to her again later now to sort out recruitment. I’m getting myself on some training too so we can upgrade to silver membership. What a fantastic resource. It’s like having people working with you, but in a different office.”

Harmit Dhaliwal
Registered Manager
Pinnacle Support Services