Remember that we phased out the use of SLACK for a new, similar exciting tool called COMMUNITIES. (ooooOOOHHH!)

It still has all the channels you were used to such as General, Important and Random etc. it works in the same way, but sits WITHIN Microsoft Teams so it is really easy to collaborate, link to your own and team documents, include links directly to your Teams meetings and has some new features. It also has a really brilliant app for Android or iPhone to keep everyone in touch (called YAMMER).

You can also continue to chat in smaller groups or teams as you have been, and we won’t be losing anything – only gaining. So:

  1. If you haven’t activated and started using COMMUNITIES properly yet, please follow all of Andy’s instructions that you need by clicking here.
  2. Please ask Andy any questions or concerns you have about this (after you have fully read the guide! ????) by clicking here so we can help you.

As you know, SLACK used to lose things once it reached its limit, and not everyone has slack open on the desktop or phone. This way EVERYTHING is within Teams so you shouldn’t miss anything. There are also some cool Polls, ‘Praise’ and new things to get excited about as well.

It is great way for us to keep in touch as a team as we now work both onsite and remotely. So start community-cating now! ????