While this recent news article suggests that one in five Homecare organisations risk financial failure in next six months due to sums owed by NHS and councils, we are pleased that this is not nearly such a problem in Hertfordshire. If however, you do find your business suffering because you cannot find the right person to speak to due to unpaid invoices, we wanted to remind you that we have the Provider Hub which is designed to support you, we will listen to your specific situation and then use our great relationships within Herts Finance teams to help find to a solution. Because of the great open working relationship between HCC and HCPA there is rarely a situation where things cannot be sorted once the right information gets to the right person.

The HCPA Care Provider Hub is funded by HCC ACS to ensure that care providers have someone to turn to, so if you are concerned about invoices, if you’re confused by payment arrangements, or if your organisation is struggling in any way financially or otherwise, ALWAYS call the HCPA Care Provider Hub.