Residential and Nursing Homes : Herts Care Search is closing at the end of March

Hertfordshire County Council is changing the systems used to identify and advertise residential and nursing homes for Older People in Hertfordshire.

Herts Care Search Ending 31st March 2023
Hertfordshire County Council has for several years used Herts Care Search. This web-based tool has assisted our home finders, social care colleagues and the public to identify nursing and residential care home availability. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all providers who have kept this up to date and to thank Hertfordshire Care Providers Association for supporting the use of the system. This system will be decommissioned and stop at the end of March 2023.

NHS Capacity Tracker
The NHS Capacity Tracker was rolled out during the COVID-19 pandemic and continues to be the system required by government for all registered care providers to keep updated with occupancy and business continuity information. Hertfordshire County Council’s home finders and service finders will now use this system to identify vacancies. Currently care providers are mandated to update monthly between the 8-14th of each month, however Hertfordshire County Council request you update this more often to ensure vacancy information is as up to date as possible.

Hertfordshire Directory
There is no public view of the NHS Capacity Tracker, so to ensure the general public can see all Older People’s care homes in Hertfordshire we are asking care homes to sign up to the Hertfordshire Directory

This system has been around for a few years and some homes already have an account. All Older People residential and nursing homes will be contacted to go through what actions they need to take next. Our aim is to work with all homes to ensure they are on the system by mid-March 2023.

Adult Disability Services
Adult Disability Services will also no longer have access to Herts Care Search as the system is closing.  Commissioners for Adult Disability Services will utilise predominately the NHS Capacity Tracker.

Please remember to keep your NHS Capacity Tracker information up to date.