A Hertfordshire Care Provider expressed interest in Digital Transformation funding, but they had not published their Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) for each of their offices, which is a requirement for the funding.

With the help of the HCPA Data and Digital team the homecare provider was able to publish one DSPT for the entire group – one toolkit for all their offices!

As soon as they were DSPT compliant, HCPA further supported this Homecare provider to set up free secure NHSmail for all their sites, and thereby qualify for the full grant funding for Digital Transformation.

This is an example of the support and clarity provided by this unique team of experts. All help is 100% free to registered care providers.

To find out more about how this service can support you click here: https://www.digitalsocialcare.co.uk/success-story/1st-homecare-keeping-data-secure-with-the-dspt/

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