We hope you had a nice Christmas and New Year.

We know that some of you have seen increasing numbers of symptomatic residents over the festive period, resulting in you having to adopt outbreak measures. This was due to a wave of COVID-19 infections affecting many in the community.

Free LFD tests are available for you to order for testing in the event of an outbreak and can be ordered via the order portal:  Apply for coronavirus test kits – GOV.UK (test-for-coronavirus.service.gov.uk).

Tests for those symptomatic and eligible for COVID -19 treatments can be accessed from a local pharmacy.

Can we remind you that if an outbreak is suspected, the first 5 linked symptomatic residents should be tested using LFD tests irrespective of their eligibility for treatments. This is to determine if there are 2 or more linked cases of COVID-19 or another respiratory infection. If the LFD tests from the first 5 suspected cases are negative, consider testing for other respiratory infections, such as flu. You must report the outbreak to UKHSA HPT via eastofenglandhpt@ukhsa.gov.uk, monitored Mon-Fri 9-5, or 0300 303 8537.

The best protection remains vaccination and it’s not too late. Winter booster vaccinations are still available for both COVID-19 and flu please contact your Pharmacists or GP.

Click here for more information about vaccination.