Staff Vaccinations

Vaccinations are our best defence against COVID-19 and flu. By getting vaccinated you will protect yourself and others from serious illness caused by these viruses.

Washing your hands, keeping rooms ventilated and self-isolating if you become ill are also very important steps that we can all take.

COVID and flu vaccines are safe and effective and have been developed and approved through clinical trials across the world. Many millions of people have benefitted from their protection.

Please utilise this webpage for latest guidance and resources. 

Keep up to date with all the latest information on vaccinations by clicking here.
Click here for the letter from Chris Badger regarding the COVID-19 booster and flu vaccinations
Click here for the ID letter to frontline health and social care staff
Click here to view our vaccination access chart

Watch the video below to learn why getting vaccinated is important.

Other useful resources

National campaign resources
Care home worker COVID-19 booster and flu national poster
Care home worker and nurse COVID-19 booster and flu national poster
Home care worker COVID-19 booster and flu national poster
Top up your immunity this winter social media image
HCC Here for you this winter booklet


Consent must be obtained for both the flu and COVID-19 vaccinations.

Consent for more than one vaccine may be given and recorded on one page, but it must be clear what vaccines the person has consented to having.

Please utilise the below resources for consent:

» Care Home residents: forms and letters – (For those able to consent, Attorney of a Care Home Resident and for relatives view on consent)
» Social Care Staff: form and letter for all staff
» Adults who are able to consent form and letter

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