According to the UKHSA hospitalisation from vaccines is good against the Omicron variant.

What they found:

• One dose of any vaccine was associated with a 35% reduced risk of hospitalisation among symptomatic cases with the Omicron variant.
• Two doses with a 67% reduction up to 24 weeks after the second dose and a 51% reduced risk 25 or more weeks after the second dose.
Third dose associated with a 68% reduced risk of hospitalisation when compared to similar unvaccinated individuals.
• Vaccine effectiveness against hospitalisation was estimated at 52% after one dose, 75% 2-24 weeks after dose 2, 52% 25+ weeks after dose 2 and 88% 2 weeks after a booster dose.

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COVID Vaccine and Booster FAQs for Services Supporting Individuals Living with a Learning Disability

With the new highly contagious Omicron variant of COVID 19 circulating in the Community the Government and the NHS are strongly recommending that people take up the offer of a Booster vaccination.

Herts County Council have put together a list of FAQs that may be helpful for you to support individuals using your services when considering vaccination.

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