Identifying, preventing and managing Influenza and Norovirus


‘React To’ is a series of training resources developed by healthcare professionals. Although aimed at care home staff, these resources are also relevant to other carers and healthcare professionals.


This week HCPA will be focusing on Infections and explains what Influenza and the Norovirus are, their symptoms, how they are treated, how to prepare for flu season, how to prevent the spread and what to do if an outbreak occurs. 


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Part 1: Identifying, preventing and managing Influenza 

Part 2: Identifying, preventing and managing Norovirus


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Influenza Resources:

» Influenza Booklet

» Influenza Daily Checklist

» Influenza Day 0 Checklist

» Influenza Outbreak Data Record

» Influenza Posters

» Influenza Preparation Checklist

» Influenza Resident & Visitor Leaflet

» Influenza Roles & Responsibilities

» Hand Hygiene 


Norovirus Resources:

» Norovirus Booklet

» Norovirus Daily Checklist

» Norovirus Day 0 Checklist

» Norovirus Outbreak Data Record

» Norovirus Posters

» Norovirus Preparation Checklist

» Norovirus Prevention Flowchart

» Norovirus Resident & Visitor Leaflet

» Norovirus Roles & Responsibilities

» Hand Hygiene