Demonstrating Your Outcomes – Working Group


As part of the roll out of Connected Lives across Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire County Council commissioners have been working with care providers of all types for the last two months to develop a new Outcomes Framework for all Adult Care Services.

Recognising that many providers already use this type of paperwork, the working group is looking to learn from best practise and develop an approach that can be used flexibly in a range of settings.

The aims of the working group will be:

  • To represent a range of providers and the different ways care can be provided
  • To meet on a monthly basis for about 6 months for an hour
  • To research what tools are currently used within Hertfordshire and beyond
  • To develop a ‘framework’ or tool for use by all Providers to capture the quality outcomes individuals achieve
  • To launch the framework as a joint initiative between Providers, HCPA and the County Council.


The group has a further four months and we wanted to extend the offer for further providers to join the development.  

Future dates will be:

  • Monday |  10th May 2019 10am – 12pm
  • Tuesday | 4th June 2019 10am- 12pm
  • Wednesday | 10th July 1pm-3pm


If you would like to join, please email