Source: central Alerting System (CAS)



The reclassification of pregabalin and gabapentin will now be classed a Schedule 3 controlled drug from 1st April, 2019. This follows Government consultation and recommendations from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs for additional safeguards to be put in place because of concerns around the misuse of these drugs.

However, pregabalin and gabapentin will be included in the list of ‘exempted drugs’ in the safe custody regulations, which means that care homes will not be required to keep these drugs in the CDs cabinet.


Prescription Requirements

From 1st April 2019, all gabapentin and pregabalin prescriptions will be subject to the following prescription writing requirements for Schedule 3 CDs:

  • Patient name and address
  • Prescriber’s address
  • Prescriber’s signature
  • Date of prescriber’s signature
  • Drug name, strength and formulation
  • Dose (Note: ‘as directed’ is NOT acceptable; ‘one as directed’ is acceptable)
  • Total quantity (in both words and figures)


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