Source: Hertfordshire County Council


We wanted to alert all our members to the Community Opportunities Framework which will be opening soon. If you have not attended any of the meetings and think you may in the future want to offer day/out of hours/community-based opportunities we would urge you to get on the framework as you may not be able to get involved in the future if you are not on the framework. Please see all the attachments for further details.


Please find attached/enclosed information:

  • Copy of the presentation slides



  • A copy of the most recent list of Community Opportunity (contracted) providers


  • Useful information for Providers


Here is the link to register on Supply Hertfordshire (


Please let contact Gemma Brace at if there is anything else that would help or if you have further questions.

» Information for providers

» Hertfordshire Profile for Community Opportunities

» Connected Lives Providers & People

» Community Services in Hertfordshire- Future Opportunities