Source: Hertfordshire Equipment Service (HES)


Dear HCPA Member,

Hertfordshire Equipment Service have had several examples recently where a resident of a care home in Hertfordshire has passed away, and someone in the home has taken the decision to give the profiling bed that was prescribed for the deceased person to another resident with no consultation with the equipment service.

We have been advised by HES that this is a practice that needs to cease with immediate effect.  They have explained that not only does it cause problems with stock control, service and maintenance scheduling, but there are also infection control risks and other potential risks around the use of bed side rails which need careful assessment.

Transferring equipment to another person with no assessment may leave a service user at risk of infection,  entrapment, or a Deprivation of Liberty issue.

In the case of the death of a resident in your home , please contact Hertfordshire Equipment Service immediately to advise of the death and arrange the collection of any equipment provided. HES contact number is 01707 292555 or HES Collections :

If you have any specific queries regarding the above, please contact General Manager Ian Ferguson, which are detailed below:

           Ian Ferguson
           General Manager
           Hertfordshire Equipment Service   
           Telephone: 0300 123 4042  Comnet : 84130

Thank You
The HCPA Team