The following message has been written by Ted Maddex, Commissioning Manager for Older People, Integrated Accommodation Commissioning Team, Community Commissioning.

“To all care homes in Hertfordshire,

I would like to request your support for Watford Hospital’s ‘Perfect Week’ exercise.

This is an exercise in which all parts of the health and social care system make every effort to demonstrate “the art of the possible” to ensure patients are in the setting that can best meet their needs, both in hospital and on discharge. Further details are in the attached flyer. Hospitals will be using the Safer Bundle approach to ensure medications transport and letters are prepared early for discharges.

The perfect week includes preparation from 5th December and then runs from 7th to 13th. Prior to the event I would like to hear your suggestions to improve patient flows. This is also a good time to ensure you are registered with Herts Care Home Finder, and that you are showing up to date vacancy information. To register please click here or alternatively contact HCPA on

During the Perfect Week exercise we need all homes to:

  • respond to referrals promptly- this should be within 2 hours
  • In line with our contract work with the social care team to accept through trusted assessor process, or this cannot be agreed then visit to assess within 24 hours. The CQC have just issued helpful guidelines on trusted assessment models available here
  • admit residents up to 8pm and at weekends
  • Keep up to date information on Herts Care Home Finder
  • Ensure residents admitted have what they need, especially clothes to come home in. We are trialling the Red Bag project in the New Year, and this would be a good time to mirror the red bag contents list when sending residents to hospital. Click here to watch the animation
  • Use enabling care planning with residents in short stay beds, and work with social care to ensure timely move on

To support closer working with the hospital Social Work Team I have been asked to share the management teams contact numbers;

Andrew Mallabone, Head of Integrated Discharge Team 01442 454153
Peter Fitton, Team Manager 01442 453137
Karen Woodcock, Team Manager 01923 217228
Regina Adu, Deputy Team Manager 01923 217228
Ruth Finerty, Deputy Team Manager 01923 217228
Renata Marshall, Deputy Team Manager 01923 217228
Paula Corrigan, assistant team manager 01442 454708

I am sure we can rely on your support during this exercise & I would welcome your feedback on the impact of the event.


Ted Maddex