This guide, which is specifically aimed at employers, is designed to help them recruit and retain transgender employees. It is also a useful guide for the managers of trans staff and for trans staff themselves. The document addresses the recruitment and retention of transgender staff from an operational and strategic perspective. We include practical advice, suggestions and ideas, based on the expertise and experience of our contributors (below).

By following this guidance employers will be better equipped to create a more inclusive culture for all staff.

Although this is not case law from the social care sector it is something all employers should be aware of. As it says in the article “Claire Williams, director of inclusion and diversity at Inclusive Employers, said there were lessons to be learned across the whole of the UK, and that the case from the Channel Islands represents – another step towards best employment practice and true inclusion for trans colleagues”.

“Employers should certainly be checking their signage and moving towards symbols rather than words,” she advised. “This is the easy bit though. The most important thing is to develop a culture where all staff feel confident to respond appropriately to simple questions, such as the one posed to Condor by Erin.”

Williams said the recently published Government Equalities Office guidance on recruiting and retaining transgender staff was a good place for HR and employers to find practical tips.

She added: “Please do not assume that because you don’t have any trans staff this doesn’t impact on you – you may have trans colleagues that haven’t come out and, if you want to secure the very best talent, you must be seen as a ‘trans friendly’ employer. Simple steps contribute to demonstrating an inclusive culture.”

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