We noticed in a recent CQC newsletter that they explained that they did not approve training providers, and wanted to remind members of this fact but also that we took the step to approve training providers in Hertfordshire to give some quality assurance to our members.

The CQC said they do not approve training providers

The CQC have been made aware of organisations claiming to offer ‘CQC approved’ training.  CQC would like to clarify that they:

  • Do not approve the content of any training courses prior to delivery;
  • Do not approve individuals or companies to deliver training.

HCPA DO approve Training Providers

HCPA do however currently quality assure training providers delivering face-to-face training to health and social care providers across Hertfordshire. The training providers are required to meet HCPA’s best practice standards and continually update these. Trainers are observed by HCPA trained observers and are required to achieve a minimum of a grade 2 to be assured by HCPA.


Funding is available to claim back for training when an approved training provider is used.  Each care provider has a capped training allowance,capped and by using an approved training provider, we can ensure high standards of quality training is being provided. Funding caps are now open for your organisation, click here to find the claim forms.

To find an ‘Approved Training Provider’ for your training, please click here for the up to date list and guidance on how to claim funding.

Quality Assurance

As part of our quality assurance of training providers, we rely on feedback from care providers who use approved training providers. Any comments, complaints or compliments should be made via email to Jessica Bentley jessicabentley@hcpa.info or via phoning 01707 536020

The CQC ratings system

Did you know that CQC rate care as ‘Outstanding’, ‘Good’, ’Requires improvement’ and ‘Inadequate’? And do you understand what each of these descriptions means in practice?

You can find out about the CQC ratings system and how they inspect different types of service on their website.

For more information, click here.