HCPA have attended two meetings held by HCC on the new model of block booking for Integrated Rehabilitation Beds. We are concerned that there were not many providers at these meetings and therefore providers may miss out on this tender opportunity. On our request, to ensure all members get to consider this opportunity, we have asked for an additional meeting.

In a nutshell, HCC are looking to re-provision beds that are currently used for Enablement, Intermediate Care, Non Weight Bearing, Stepdown, Discharge to Assess and call them all ‘Integrated Rehabilitation Beds’. There will be around 50-60 of these beds required across the county and they will be allocated in blocks of 10. The tender spec will ask providers to explain how they can meet allocate 10 beds to meet the needs of these clients who would be moving out of hospital or stepping up from the community, and requiring rehabilitation. You will need to be registered for Elderly Residential or Nursing Care.

If you are interested in getting 10 beds with a negotiated block payment then we strongly advise you to come to this extra meeting on 27th July – 10.30 am-12.00at Farnham House so that you can find out more.

If you would like to attend this meeting please contact events@hcpa.info ref Rehab in the title.

» Click here to read the Integrated Rehab Beds Tender Agenda