HCPA is constantly finding new ways to support providers with severe staff recruitment issues. Most recently we have looked at some research and recommendations carried out by ‘Business in the Community‘ for how to recruit, retrain and retain staff who are over 50 years old:

Age in the Workplace – Are you utilising the workforce available to you?

Our population is ageing, but employment isn’t working for many people over 50. While some can choose to retire, too many people are pushed out of work through redundancy or ill health, or because they need to balance work and care. Between 2012 and 2022, an estimated 12.5 million jobs will be opened up by people leaving the workforce, and an additional 2 million jobs will be created – yet only 7 million younger people will enter the workforce to fill them. This shift in demographics needs to be harnessed by business. The need to retain, retrain and recruit older workers is becoming increasingly important. We no longer have a default retirement age but established social norms entrenched over a long period of time must be addressed to ensure that recruitment and progression are fair for people of all ages. Real change is needed to address age bias and discrimination.

What you can do:


Retention is critical to business. Employers must engage and retain the people with the skills their business needs, now and in the future.


The skills and knowledge that the economy needs are changing rapidly, which presents opportunities as well as challenges. Retraining can provide a route back into employment for many people. Providing learning and development for older workers is a good investment.


Harnessing the skills and experience of the one million people aged 50 to 64 who want to return to work could bring huge benefits to UK businesses. It is also important that older workers can move between employers to progress and develop their careers. Age must not be a barrier to the best candidates for jobs.

At HCPA, we can support you to:

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