Please be aware that this message is currently on ‘In Tend’ regarding the tender for spot provision

This is an update regarding the Spot Provider Accreditation which we advised would go live on Friday 19 August.

Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) recognise the vital important of any decision regarding the recommissioning of spot homecare contracts, and need to commission these services in the right way, so that they are able to offer the people they serve high-quality care which is financially sustainable.

Therefore, Hertfordshire County Council have decided to pause the ‘go-live’ of this tender process.

As yet, there is not an agreed revised timetable. We will provide you more information when it is available.

Please note that as your Association, HCPA is working hard with the commissioning team to ensure that this tender is a good as it can be. We have been invited to attend all meetings. If you feel you have something to say and did not get the chance in the PreProcurement Market Engagement events (PPME’s) then do please email and we will feed this into the meetings.