Recent research suggests the urgent need for better care for people at the end of their life and more support for the relatives and professionals who look after them. A survey of over 1,400 Care Practitioners, including family members, friends, and healthcare workers reveals that the main areas of frustration are difficulties in access to care and treatment (particularly out of working hours), poor coordination between health and social services, and a general lack of communication and understanding around death and dying.

The data revealed that many of the responses related to personal experience, anecdotes and questions rather than clinical research.

Dr Annmarie Nelson, Scientific Director, Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Centre, who led the research, commented: ” Seven out of 10 carers say that people with a terminal illness don’t get all the care and support they need and only 15 per cent of health and social care professionals think that people with a terminal illness have their care needs adequately met by emergency services.”. The general feeling is that end of life care is under resourced.

In Hertfordshire you can access number of resources to upskill staff around Palliative and End of Life Care.

  • Use the Hertfordshire Mandatory Funding Grant to run End of Life training within your organisation and claim back a considerable amount of the cost. For more details on Claiming Mandatory Funding and using an HCPA Approved Training Provider please click here.
  • In East and North Hertfordshire for Residential and Nursing homes you can access the ABC education programme which offers face to face training in the home and E-learning around the 6 end of life modules. For more information click here.
  • Residential homes in East and North Hertfordshire can take part in the Complex Care Foundation which includes an End of Life Champion- For more information click here or email