Here at HCPA, we love a success story and seeing small care providers succeed in whatever they do, and many of the care providers HCPA has been fortunate to support over the years are small businesses with maybe one or two care locations.

Even as a small service provider you can still gain the maximum benefit from completing the Data Security Protection Toolkit, because it opens up another world of direct access to care records, communications and resources within the NHS and other care professionals.

So if you are a small care provider with one or two locations, and you don’t know where to start, or perhaps you’ve had a look already and not completed it, why not reach out to us for some free support, we can answer any questions you may have and show you that size does not matter!  Please see the attached success story of a smaller care provider who has recently published their toolkit are Havering Care Homes and have shared their story with Digital Social Care.

Havering Care Homes: Reaping the benefits of the Data Security and Protection Toolkit – Digital Social Care

At HCPA, we have experienced Data Security Area Leads who understand the Care Sector, and the unique pressures faced by smaller care providers.  Contact us now for FREE and ongoing support on 01707 536020 or via or visit our Data protection webpage here.