HCPA are proud to launch the new Support Service Directory currently available for care home providers.

This is a directory that lets providers easily search for support services, such as Hospital at Home, Admission Avoidance, End of Life, Intervention Vehicles, Nutrition, Medication, sensory services and many more helpful services.

This Directory is kept up to date and is available 24/7 on our website: Support Service Directory | HCPA. This will allow you and your staff to:

– Always know where to go for help
– Take action to avoid unnecessary hospital admissions
– Make sure you are ready for whatever issues affect your residents

A poster is currently being developed for you and your staff to have quick access to the directory and urgent key numbers. This will be available from the 14th December.

Actions for Care Home Managers:

  • Bookmark this helpful online directory on your web browser and electronic devices: Support Service Directory | HCPA
  • Share with all your staff and promote at team meetings.
  • Re-watch the Service Webinar for further details. Click here to view.

Further updates for Homecare and Supporting Living support services coming February 2024, but for now attend the Early Intervention Vehicle Webinar on the 12th December. Click here to book.