Although this is a Scottish resource, HCPA felt it would be very useful for all homes in the UK so decided to share it to our members in Herts

The resource is available here.

The revised resource was created with support from the Care Inspectorate and NHS Scotland.

Falls in care homes fast facts:

  • About a third of people over 65 years old living in the community fall each year and the rate of fall-related injuries increases with age.
  • Falls are recorded as a contributing factor in 40% of care home admissions.
  • Falls incidence in care homes is reported to be about three times that in the community. This equates to rates of 1.5 falls per care home bed per year.
  • Falls can have serious consequences, e.g. fractures and head injuries. Around 10% of falls result in a fracture. Fall-associated fractures in older people are a significant source of morbidity and mortality. There are ten times more hip fractures among older people living in care homes compared with older people living in other environments.
  • Most fall-related injuries are minor: bruising, abrasions, lacerations, strains, and sprains. However falls can also have a psychological impact, even in the absence of injury.
  • Fear of falling is extremely common, can curtail physical activity and activities of daily living and lead to social isolation – even within the care home environment.

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