This week is Dementia Awareness Week (15th – 21st May).

Those living with Dementia or caring for those living with Dementia will know that the condition can affect people differently. The complex needs of people living with Dementia means that it is vital to provide person-centred, good quality care that is tailored to the unique needs of the individual.

If you care for people living with Dementia and would like some extra advice, guidance or training, here at HCPA we have multiple training courses available that will give you and your staff the necessary skills and knowledge to confidently care for people living with Dementia.

We have many available courses that are designed to help you deliver even better care to people living with Dementia. Just get in contact via or 01707 536020 to learn more whilst our new website is under construction.

You can also find more support and advice from the Skills for Care website under their dementia resources.

Get involved!
Visit Alzheimer’s Society’s website for more details and access the fantastic resources available to you for Fully Funded. Or, you can find out how you and your organisation can lend your support during Dementia Awareness week through Dementia Connect here.