Care Quality Commission (CQC) are reviewing the content of their Adult Social Care Provider Information Return (PIR) and are seeking feedback from providers.

This is to ensure the adult social care PIR is asking the right questions in a way that can maximise support for providers as well as inspection scheduling and planning.

The adult social care PIR has not been altered since February 2015, however suggestions have been continually monitored and a review of the PIR evaluation forms has taken place.

CQC are looking for feedback about positive aspects of the form, as well as any concerns you’ve identified.

CQC would value feedback on (but not limited to):

  • Positive outcomes from completing the PIR
  • Examples of improvement as a result of the form – for example, in quality assurance or record management
  • Issues identified with current PIR content
  • Specific examples of unclear PIR content or a duplicate request for information from other professional bodies
  • PIR questions which do not reflect the needs of your specific service type, e.g. Shared ives
  • Any comments on the available PIR guidance
  • Feedback on the support received for any PIR-related queries

Please ensure that any examples you share do not contain confidential personal information.

Email The deadline for all responses is Wednesday 31 August 2016. They will be unable to use any feedback sent to this mailbox after this date as submissions will be closed.