On contacting Care Providers that have not yet published their DSPT,  we have discovered that some thought they had published, however, although the Care Providers had answered the question,  they had not actually pressed the blue button at the bottom of the page to publish their DSPT.

For example, if you have completed the initial 26 mandatory questions and are to publish at Approaching Standards, the blue button will show as:

publish approaching standards

Once you have completed all 42 simple questions for the first time, and are to publish at Standards Met, the blue button will show as:

publish assessment

You will receive email confirmation of the publication of your assessment and can also download a certificate when you have reached Standards Met.

  • We have workshops each week, to support providers to complete and publish their DSPTS,
  • We have courses each week to help managers and proprietors understand their roles and how to control risks,
  • We can arrange friendly, helpful 121 chats with care providers, in person on via teams / phone

If you would like to know more about our free support, please get in touch with he team: 01707 708018 / dataprotection@hcpa.co.uk

All our support is fully funded by the Better Security Better Care national programme, and provided at no cost to care providers.