“We at HCT were absolutely delighted to hear the news that you and the Health Care Providers Association team have been recognised with an OBE in the New Year’s Honours list.  I know that our two organisations have a long history of working closely to deliver services to Hertfordshire residents and long may that continue during these challenging times and beyond. 

The senior management team and I hope you find time to reflect and enjoy this honour with your family and friends sometime soon and well done.”

Kind regards, Elliot

Elliot Howard-Jones
Chief Executive
Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust

“Dear Sharon,

I have just read in the Welwyn Hatfield Times that you received the OBE in the New Year’s Honours.

I just wanted to send you many congratulations and say how pleased I am for you.

You were an amazing support to all care providers, before and during the pandemic and were always so encouraging when I was setting up and then managing Teapot.

I send you much love on your very well deserved recognition and hope you’ve had lots of sparkly on the go!”

Love Caroline Buckley xx

“Dear Sharon,

I wanted to get in touch to add to what I know will have been a large number of messages you will have received to celebrate and congratulate you about the news of your recent honour.

So well deserved following many years of such strong and inspirational leadership – not just of HCPA but in partnership with HCC and other partners across the county.

As you know, we really value our partnership with you and HCPA colleagues and providers, and with the impact of the pandemic continuing to have such significant impacts on providers and all who use care services, this partnership is critical in our continued collective approach.

However, for now many congratulations to you and your family and here’s hoping for a fab day out when you get your date to receive your honour.

Best wishes to you and yours for a happy, healthy and personally & professionally fulfilling 2022 and thanks again for all you are doing during these difficult times.”

Owen Mopley
Chief Executive
Hertfordshire County Council



“Hi Sharon

We have just found out this evening of your recent award and on behalf of the entire CBU Team please accept our huge congratulations. You and your teams must be so proud and what fantastic recognition for the Hertfordshire care sector.

Very well done and what a great start to the New Year – hope it continues for you in this vein.”

Carmel M.

“Fantastic you Sharon and I still recall the Saturday you contacted all of the Hertfordshire care providers and explained the rollout of the 1st vaccination. Nothing was ever too much for you and your team a real credit to you. All colleagues at HCPA are so helpful and understanding and go the extra mile to support.”

Mandy Carey Hufford, Area Manager at Methodist Homes MHA

What fantastic news!!! Sharon Davies OBE congratulations to you, so richly deserved.
I so enjoyed working and studying with you in HCPA.
I hope you are well. And I’m just so chuffed reading this tonight.” ????????

DIANNE DESMULIE, Primary Care Commissioning at East & North Herts Clinical Commissioning Group (NHS)

“Oh wonderful news congratulations Sharon it is so good to see your work and your team’s achievements recognised in this way.”

Kind Regards,
Colin Horne


Well deserved! Couldn’t be more pleased and totally agree that what you have done with HCPA in Hertfordshire is miles ahead of any other County I’ve come across.

I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Nigel Faiers
Faiers Training Limited

“Happy New Year! And Congratulations in receiving your OBE! A well deserved honour bestowed upon you!

We are very blessed in Hertfordshire with all the support we have for the Care Agencies and I have often been told by them how good it is to have HCPA there to help train and support them – especially in these tough days of the COVID pandemic.”

Kind regards,
Chrissy Barclay
Quality Monitoring Officer | Integrated Community Support Commissioning | Adult Care Services
Hertfordshire County Council



“Hi Sharon
I wanted to pass on my sincere congratulations on your OBE . So well deserved, you do such a great job! And you lead a great team. Well done and clap hands all round!!”

Kind regards
Pauline Walton
AD & Head of Pharmacy & Medicines Optimisation
NHS East and North Hertfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group


I’m afraid I have only just caught up with news of your OBE, having been belatedly copied into Mark Lloyd’s letter to you. May I add my congratulations and say how well deserved this is. I continue to refer to HCPA and how it works with Herts as a great exemplar of an effective provider association. I can see you have been put in touch with Simon Williams regarding the Care Professional Standards Academy and I know he will keep me updated.

Deputy Chief Executive
Local Government Association