Please remember, that with our 50/50 office and home working arrangement, we are expected to be flexible at all times. At the moment, the consensus is that this is a favourable working arrangement than the full-time in-office arrangement in our contracts. However, it is explained in the guidance that nobody should have ‘set days’ that they are in the office, or remote, as the business, meetings and events come first. You should plan each week coming up and adjust accordingly, and this may be different every week.

If you are invited to a meeting or an event on a working day, the answer has to be yes (and should not be – ‘I’m not in the office that day’ or ‘ I don’t come in on Mondays’ etc.) Please review your working arrangements to be flexible if you are invited to a meeting. We are happy to continue to support a flexible arrangement, but the work has to come first. Thank you.