“We are grateful to HCPA and you in particular for the remarkable work in delivering such a crucial training as we come out of the pandemic.

It is imperative our staff has the skills and knowledge to be able to provide meaningful activities which promote wellbeing.

A few staff members are now capable of delivering chair based exercises thus promoting physical mobility. Residents feel good about it.

PBS training has empowered staff to see what was called challenging behaviour with a new perspective and acquired the skills to “educate” or encourage a more positive outcome on behaviours of concern. Knowing the triggers and help the person

to develop a positive identity are some of the means to reduce unwanted behaviours.

The fact that staff after the new/refresher training on Falls, UTI and Frailty have a better understanding of the signs and symptoms of what can impact residents’ wellbeing and mobility.

I have known HCPA from 2002, almost from its beginning and what a journey! I can only say it’s a 5 star service to its members and ultimately to those who require care and support. Keep it up.”