A message from Education Programme Manager, Peter Woolnough

For those that aren’t aware, I like statistics.

So without boring you too much, here is an opportunity to highlight the fantastic work and impact HCPA’s “Care to Step Up” education is having, in numbers…

  • 5000 – The number of Care professionals who have undertaken training with us to improve care services to individuals in Hertfordshire.
  • 330 – The % increase from previous years.
  • 738 – The number of people returning for multiple training courses (some as many as 15).
  • 320 – The number of care organisations in Hertfordshire engaging in our training.
  • 35 – The number of care organisations since September engaging with our training for the first time.
  • 22 – The number of new subject areas introduced since November 21 with more in development.

With the “challenges” that the project has, alongside a world-wide pandemic, those numbers are phenomenal, and each and every one of you has contributed ????