The below article has been written by our strategic partner, Peninsula. 

The increases of the Real Living Wage rates have been announced today. The Real Living Wage is not the same as the National Living Wage and it’s important not to confuse them.

  • National Living Wage/National Minimum Wage: legally required minimum hourly pay set by the Government. Legal enforcement applies if it is not paid
  • Real Living Wage: a voluntary campaign group that employers can sign up to if they want. The rate is higher than the Government set rate. It looks good for employers, can help with tenders, shows a commitment to paying a rate based on cost of living rather than the rate set by the Government. The rates go up every year, normally announced towards the end of the year and employers have until May the following year to actually implement the increases.

For those employers who have signed up, it’s really important they know the new rates:

  • For workers in London: up from £11.95 to £13.15 per hour
  • For workers outside of London (including Scotland/Wales/Northern Ireland): up from £10.90 to £12 per hour


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