HCPA can provide registered care services with free NHSmail secure email accounts.

6 reasons why YOU NEED THIS:

1 – Make your company emails end with “NHS.net”. Can you see how customers might trust companies whose emails have the official NHS branding?

2 – NHSmail is super secure. Ever been hacked?  NHSmail is considered as secure as email gets.

3 – NHSmail is supported 24/7 by the NHS digital helpdesk

4 – Some NHS Trusts and hospitals will now will only communicate with NHSmail, not Hotmail, Gmail or your company email system.

5 – It’s 100% free to registered care providers.

6 – IMPORTANT: NHSmail is required for proxy medication access, and for shared care records, and for the new tech funding

Don’t get left behind, upgrade today to free secure NHSmail. Contact the team 017078 708018 or DataProtection@hcpa.co.uk