NHS Hertfordshire Wellbeing Service 

The Hertfordshire Wellbeing Service offer psychological help and practical support for people experiencing a wide range of common mental health conditions.  

They work on the principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), which is an evidence based psychological therapy. CBT can help make sense of our problems by looking at the way we think, and the way we react to situations. Through their support, you can learn skills and techniques to help you manage your emotions, helping you feel better and more in control.  

They offer help in several ways including:  

  • Telephone support and guided self-help 
  • Individual cognitive behavioural therapy 
  • Workshops and/or group work 
  • Computerised cognitive behavioural therapy 

They are currently offering a free one-off introduction workshop (regarding mental health). This is ideally face-to-face but can also be delivered online if required.  

The NHS Hertfordshire Wellbeing Service are aiming to start these workshops all over Hertfordshire in September/October 2023.  

A little about the workshop: 

The Introductory workshop will cover who the NHS Wellbeing Service are and what type of treatments they do within their service.  

Older adults are an important demographic, often facing multiple challenges in their lives. Although this age group is sometimes reluctant to seek support with their mental wellbeing, these is also evidence that when they do, they tend to experience significant improvements in emotional satisfaction and overall outlook. These workshops are believed to be a particular interest to this age group and will provide an opportunity for discussions, questions, and answers.  

All workshops offer tools and strategies based on cognitive behavioural therapy with some focus areas including: 

  • How to sleep better 
  • An experiential introduction to mindfulness 
  • Navigating life transition 
  • Managing worry and uncertainty  

Sessions will run for around 60 minutes and aim at helping older adults to have a greater understanding of their mental wellbeing and the importance of looking after their emotional health.  

This workshop is being offered free of charge. 

For more information about the Hertfordshire Wellbeing Service click here 

If you would like to register your interest in this workshop then please e-mail hpft.wellbeingworkshops@nhs.net