There are currently some supply issues with barrier creams so there have been some temporary changes made to facilitate this. Please see below for full details.

Skin Barrier Products – Supply Issue with Second Line Choice: Cavilon Barrier Cream

The first-choice skin barrier product for woundcare and incontinence in primary care is Conotrane. This is not changing.

Woundcare specialists, Adult Bladder & Bowel Team and Community Nurses will still request GPs to prescribe Conotrane where suitable.


The second-choice product in primary care, for when Conotrane is not a suitable treatment, is temporarily changing from Cavilon Barrier Cream to Medi Derma-S Barrier Cream.

This is due to a current supply problem with Cavilon Barrier Cream.  This will be kept under review and is not currently a permanent change to formulary choices in primary care.


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