In this time of uncertainty about available energy and utilities, we want to help you feel confident to prepare and manage your risks. Please note the information below:


  • Electricity – UK Power Networks Priority Services Register

The Priority Services Register is free to join. It helps customers who have specific communication, access or safety needs. This service can provide extra support when you need it, for example if you experience a power cut. To be added to this Priority Services Register, please click here.

  • Electricity – Your supplier

It is worth speaking with your power supplier about their priority services. If you need to find out who your current supplier is, and how to contact them, call 105 from any telephone, or visiting this website: Energy Networks Association

Please note that UK Power Networks maintain a map of current issues and power cuts. This can be found here: Live Power Cut Map: Information & Updates | UK Power Networks

Call 105 in a power cut to make a report or find more information. More information about this service can be found here: UK Power Cut? Call 105 For Free & Find Your Electricity Provider



  • Gas – Cadent

Cadent also has a Priority Services Register, available to those living with illness or disability, those at pensionable age or with children under 5years old, or to those who cannot communicate in English.

To join this register and find out more information, please call 0800 389 8000 or visit this webpage: Priority Services Register (PSR) for Cadent Gas

  • Gas – SGN

SGN Gas has a Priority Services Register, which can be accessed by calling 0800 975 1818, emailing or using this website: Click here


Water and sewage

  • Water – Affinity Water’s Priority Services Register

Most businesses and households in Hertfordshire are serviced by Affinity Water.

The Affinity Water Priority Services Register is free to join. It helps Affinity Water know who may require extra help, and look after any customers with communication, access, physical or mental health needs.

You can join the register, plus see headlines of any ongoing interruptions to service by clicking here: Priority Services Register – Affinity Water

  • Water and Sewage – Thames Water

Thames Water has a Priority Services Register for water supply and sewage maintenance. Al information and joining form can be found here: Register for priority services | Thames Water (

If you are not supplied by Affinity or Thames, you can find your supplier and contact them via this webpage: Find your supplier | Water UK

If you have any other questions concerning utilities and power, please contact HCPA’s Care Provider Hub, where we can talk you through options and help you manage your risks: 01707 708108 /