The Monitoring Officers at Hertfordshire County Council have recently noted many instances where Care Professionals are no longer following guidance on the proper use of PPE.

Getting PPE wrong might affect your PAMMS rating or cause an outbreak / serious illness.

Please note HCC’s important update below:

“We are seeing an increase in poor practice around PPE wearing, Donning and Doffing and disposal of used PPE.

Examples are:

  • Staff members not eating their lunch in the staff room, but in the Residents areas
  • Staff wearing masks under their chin
  • Staff not wearing masks responding that they are exempt
  • Staff in training sessions not wearing masks
  • Staff not changing into a new mask when taking it off to eat/drink/smoke
  • Staff moving from room to room wearing the same PPE
  • Relative’s not wearing PPE either in residents rooms, or on route to their relatives rooms,
  • Bins do not contain yellow bags for used PPE
  • Bins overflowing therefore lidded bins with used PPE are not able to be closed


Please note that if these are identified as part of a Monitoring Visit then your PAMMs Rating may be affected.

For the most up to date guidance on PPE, please click here.

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact the HCPA Provider Hub: 01707 708108 /