Source: Hertfordshire Equipment Service (HES) | Hertfordshire County Council

The Equipment in Care Homes Guidance is a document devised across the Eastern Region of England (and being adopted nationally) by the National Association of Equipment Providers (NAEP). It has been adopted by Hertfordshire County Council and is included as part of contracts issued to Care Homes by Hertfordshire County Council.

Within Hertfordshire, equipment prescribed by Health and Social care professionals is provided by Hertfordshire Equipment Service (HES). They work to the Equipment in Care Home Guidance, which states:

  • Care Homes have a responsibility to provide suitable furniture for their residents and registration
  • Small items of equipment (raised toilet seats, perching stools etc.) and adaptations such as grab rails would be included in the above

  • Homes are also expected to provide equipment to aid moving and handling for their staff, so beds are not provided for residents unless there is a clear medical need and there is no other suitable alternative
  • Residents should not transfer equipment from their own home into a Care Home due to the risk of cross-contamination. A new assessment should be made by an appropriate OT/District nurse before admission to enable new equipment to be ordered if deemed necessary
  • When a resident no longer requires equipment, it should be returned to HES. Equipment should not be retained and used for other residents due to cross-contamination issues and the fact that equipment is prescribed for an individual

Hertfordshire Equipment Service can be contacted on 01707 292 555 to arrange collections or servicing of equipment. Should you have any queries about the Equipment in Care Homes Guidance, you should speak to your prescriber in the first instance who can then seek clarification from HES if required.

» The full equipment in Care Homes Guidance can be found here