National Living Wage reminder

On the 1st of April 2023 the National living wage increased. The National Living Wage is relevant to workers who are aged 23 and over (who are not in their first year of apprenticeship).
As an employer it is important that you understand your duties and responsibilities under living wage legislation to ensure that you are paying your staff correctly to avoid financial penalties and even prosecution.
Below is a short summary of the changes to the National Living Wage, so you can better understand the rates you will need to pay staff.

Age Category New Rate of Pay
Apprentice £5.28 per hour*
16 to 17 years old £5.28 per hour
18 to 20 years old £7.49 per hour
21 to 22 years old £10.18 per hour
23 years old and above £10.42 per hour


*This rate is for apprentices agreed 16-18 and those aged 19 years of age or over who are in their first year of apprenticeship.

Reminder: These rates change on the 1st of April every year, so you may want to set a calendar reminder to review these in advance of this date annually.


Update your Job adverts with our Herts Good Care Recruitment Team

If you are currently advertising for any roles with our Herts Good Care Recruitment Team, then please ensure the pay rates are up to date as per the latest National Living Wage changes.
You can contact our team via or on 01707 536020.


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