Update – flu Autumn 2023 vaccination brought forward

This autumn’s flu and COVID-19 vaccine programmes will start earlier than planned as a precautionary measure following the identification of a new COVID-19 variant.

Flu and COVID-19 vaccinations for residents and staff working in care homes and other front-line social care staff has now begun.

A free NHS flu vaccine is available for any frontline social care staff. Please encourage your staff to take up this opportunity.

Identification needed for vaccinations not in care settings
Your staff will need to take to their flu and COVID-19 booster vaccination appointments:
• a COVID-19 booster vaccination and seasonal flu vaccination letter of entitlement (available on request from the HCPA by emailing assistance@hcpa.info) or
• photo ID to prove where they work or
• a payslip

Please see below to read your appropriate letter for further details.

Click here for the winter vaccinations letter to all care providers from Chris Badger
Click here for the HCC letter to care home providers
Click here for the HCC letter to supported living providers
Click here for the HCC letter to domicillary providers
Click here for the DHSC official letter

Click here for the latest updates regarding the flu vaccination

We appreciate that you may have questions about who is be included in this vaccination round.
If you want help to understand this, please contact your Provider Support Hub: 01707 708 108 / assistance@hcpa.co.uk

Useful Flu Resources for you to utilise



National Flu campaign resources Click here
HCC easy read flu information for Learning Disabilities Click here
NHS Flu vaccine easy read for people with learning disabilities Click here
NHS Flu vaccine guidance Click here
Jim McManus – why it’s important to have the flu vaccination video Click here

REMEMBER – following regular hand hygiene measures can help stop the spread of virus. Wash your hands regularly and for at least 20 seconds.


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