HCPA wanted to send a reminder of the services available to you when someone has fallen in your care homes. As you know residents have much better outcomes if they don’t have admissions to hospital or long lies while waiting for an ambulance. Hertfordshire have brilliant Prevention of Admission services available to all care homes, which you can utilise when someone has fallen, and they are not displaying red flags.

To help you in making the decision, please utilise the Management of a person who has fallen Pathway here and the decision-making checklist here.  For our webinar on this pathway click here for recording.

Key Services East and North Hertfordshire Care Homes
Red FlagsAmber Flags
999Hospital at Home – 0300 123 7571

(choose professional line when prompted)

08:00 – 20:00, 7 days a week


111 Option 6 24/7


Key Services South and West Hertfordshire Care Homes
Red FlagsAmber Flags
999HAARC (Hertfordshire Admission Avoidance Response Car)- 03456010552

06.30 – 23.00, 7 days a week 


CLCH- Rapid Response & Early Intervention Vehicle 03000 200 656, Option 2, Option 8,  ask to refer to EIV

08.00 – 20.00, 7 days a week


111 Option 6 24/7


To find further health services information please see your health service contact sheets here.

If you would like support please contact HCPA on stopfalls@hcpa.co.uk or view our resources on the StopFalls website here.

Reminder: Homecare Services in East and North Hertfordshire can access a Prevention of Admission service with details available here