Source: Hertfordshire Learning Disability Service


Throughout 2020, Hertfordshire Learning Disability Service will be offering free Dysphagia Awareness Workshops for all staff working with Adults with Learning Disabilities across Hertfordshire.

The workshops will cover:

  • The definition of dysphagia 
  • Why dysphagia is an issue for adults with learning disabilities
  • The normal swallowing process
  • Warning signs of dysphagia 
  • The impact of dysphagia 
  • When and how to refer to Speech and Language Therapy and Dietetics
  • Assessment and management of dysphagia 


The dates of the workshops are as follows:

  1. 17th January 2020
  2. 20th March 2020
  3. 26th May 2020
  4. 29th July 2020
  5. 29th September 2020
  6. 26th November 2020


Venue: HPFT Learning and Development Centre, The Colonnades, Beaconsfield Close, Hatfield, AL10 8YE

Time: 09:30 – 16:00

To book your place, please contact Jay Maddams (Assistant Therapy Practitioner) via: